WinSession Logger

WinSession Logger 3.7.3

Complete spy program allowing you to supervise use of a PC

WinSession Logger is a monitoring program that helps you monitor and record everything that happens on a certain computer. It captures every keystroke as well as text or images copied to clipboard. WinSession Logger is also able to take screenshots in the time interval of your own choosing, replaying them as a sideshow including mouse pointer and position. You will be able to see what urls have been visited when using Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8, FireFox 3.x, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera 10 and Netscape. WinSession Logger has one specific feature that is highly appreciated and that is Key Detection and Notification. By creating a list with words that you want to have on alert, you will get an email with an image every time a word from the list is detected. The program will not appear in the start menu, add or remove programs, task manager or desktop, and there is no way to find where it has been installed, thus making it really safe and secret.